2015 Zweigeltrebe - Vinařství Kubík

Kubik Vinarstvi.JPG

Raspberry pureé, red licorice, blooming cherry blossom. Fresh twigs, purple plum skin, oregano leaves. Red cherry & cranberry cocktail, sugar beets and fresh cedar. Sultry and sensual like gazing upon a flowing red dress - while juicy oozing red fruit drips down your chin. This 2015 Zweigeltrebe by Vinařství Kubík is a smoking hot Czech bombshell.

The Czech Republic is not known internationally as being a major wine producing nation. Most of the wines made here are consumed domestically and those that are exported don't make it very far. Despite this the Czech Republic has a long and rich history of high quality wine production, although it was largely hindered by communism in the 20th century. The wines are very similar to those of neighboring German and Austria, and you'll see plenty of Riesling and Grüner grown here. This Zweigeltrebe, a rare varietal coveted for its frost resistance, is produced by Vinařství Kubík. It is medium bodied and deliciously fruity with beautiful acidity and a distinct sense of mineral terroir. This bottle proves that the Czechs make more than just good beer.