Winery Reflections is run by the husband and wife team of Nathan and Courtney Marton. We're Southern California locals who've developed our love of wine by traveling and tasting at wineries throughout the Golden State and beyond. When we're not on the road we enjoy seeking out and trying bottles from unique local and international producers. We are constantly striving to hone our knowledge both through firsthand experience and oeno-academics. Catch us at a vineyard, wine store, wine class, or tasting room near you!



Our Review Process

Our goal as a platform is to taste and review interesting wines crafted by unique wineries across the globe.  We're talking stuff that you usually can't just find on any store shelf - stuff that has a heart and soul to where you can really taste the effort and intentionality of the individuals who created it.  Sometimes these wines are crafted by tiny producers - other times by larger corporations who chose not to sacrifice quality.  When we see a wine created with the intentionality we crave that also exhibits a clear sense of place we jump all over it! 

We taste every single wine we review! Always - 100% of the time! In order to breakdown the flavor composition of each wine we sit down and methodically go through our tasting grid.  We discuss fruit, floral, vegital, spice, earth, aging vessels, and any other flavors that may be present.  We never copy other people's tasting notes off of the internet.  We put a lot of time and intentionality into each of our reflections and the opinions contained within are 100% our own. While we are flattered that some might think our reviews are good enough to be stolen it's all us up in here!