2018 Veraison - Champagne 


The wine region of Champagne is known for its inclement weather. Rain is prevalent, rot is frequent, and frost & hail wreak havoc on vines. Despite these regular setbacks Champagne can produce some of the most sublime wines in the world. Thankfully for vinophiles everywhere the 2018 vintage in Champagne is shaping up to be a good one. The region was largely spared from major spring weather events and the growing season has been moderate and relatively dry. Barring freak occurrences it looks like 2018 should produce some noteable and top quality wines.

Pictured here are Pinot Noir clusters from the premier cru Ville-Dommange in the Montagne de Reims of Champagne. They are happy, healthy, and undergoing verasion. As the temperatures warm and the fruit matures the grape's skin changes color from green to black. This picture captures the fruit right in the middle of that transition. If everything goes well for the next month these grapes should fully ripen and become part of some top quality bubbly. Keep your fingers crossed for a good finish to the season because if there is one thing this world needs, it's more good champagne.