2018 Sierra Foothills Rosé of Grenache - T-Vine Winery

T-Vine Rose of Grenache.jpg

Crispy watermelon, cool granite, white strawberry. Crunchy peach, glacial spring, lean Rainier cherry. Wild lilies and white hydrangeas, cucumber spritz and fresh thyme. Pristine, crisp, and delicate fruit begins the attack, leading with a faint raspberry essence that quickly secedes to crushed rocks and intense minerality. Extremely dry with refreshing tartness and pronounced mouthwatering acidity. Light in body showcasing a perfectly pale color and a sense of freshness so visceral that each sip feels hydrating. A head-first dive into a deep mountain lake. This 2018 Sierra Foothills Rosé of Grenache by T-Vine Winery is flavorful, feminine, and fierce.

The expression of terroir is one of the most important components in any great bottle of wine, yet for some reason terroir seems to be largely ignored by many when it comes to rosé. This bottling, crafted by T-Vine Winery using Grenache sourced from California's Sierra Foothills, is one of the most uniquely terroir-driven rosés we've had the pleasure to experience. This wine does possess plenty of very pretty and delightfully restrained fruit, but the real story here begins after the fruit recedes. Cold rocks, granite, and alpine streams writhe with energy and vitality, painting a picture of the powerful Sierra Mountains that helped shaped the land on which this fruit was grown. This was clearly a very deliberately and intentionally crafted wine, with a profile that is gentle yet crisp and highly expressive at a mere 11.6% ABV. This is a gorgeous hommage à Provence featuring world-class California soil and we're extremely impressed.