2017 “Distant Past” Proprietary Red - T-Vine Winery

T-Vine REd.jpg

Muddled blackberry, wilted rose petal, ripe blueberry. Chocolate cherry liqueur, crunchy leaves, dehydrated strawberry. Mountain bramble and dried pine needle, hot asphalt and sun-baked wood. Black currant, damson plum, and fig combine to form a dense and impenetrably dark core that washes with powerful concentration over briar and hot stones. Dark roast coffee continues the bombardment of brawny blackness as pink peppercorn pops in to inject a dash of spice. Wild chaparral and dried sweat course throughout the muscular and near monolithic attack adding a rugged and tenacious edge. Decidedly full bodied with intense tannin and substantially elevated acidity; delightfully mean and relentlessly serious. This 2017 "Distant Past" Proprietary Red by T-Vine Winery is marvelously massive and colossally characterful Petite Sirah based blend from Napa Valley.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Petite Sirah exploded in popularity throughout California primarily for its heartiness and ability to withstand long distance shipping. While its dominance has since largely faded in the wake of more noble international grapes its legacy remains strong, and many Californian producers are still producing absolutely spectacular wine from the variety. This bottling, crafted by T-Vine Winery using primarily Petite Sirah with a splash of Zinfandel sourced from within Napa Valley, is a wonderful example of the rough and rugged character that drove this grape to relevance many years ago. While powerful, concentrated, and completely opaque in the glass this wine remains remarkably balanced and drinkable, and its pronounced varietal character never waivers. This is an excellent bottle and a perfect choice to open and enjoy as the fall nights grow colder.