2016 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon - Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery

Thomas Allen Cabernet Sauvignon.jpg

Crushed red raspberry, roasted tobacco, ripe blueberry. Fresh currant, eucalyptus leaf, juicy mulberry. Soft vanilla and clove, crumbled violet and potpourri. Charmingly crunchy and alive, dripping barely-ripe berry fruit and red licorice above subtle floral notes and mellow pyrazines. Lean and fruit-driven yet pinned back with a nice undercurrent of earth resembling dried clay loam, broken twigs, and sweat. Medium plus in body, showcasing mild understated tannin and a pleasant jolt of acidity. Well balanced, tastefully restrained, and solidly complex. This 2016 Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon by Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery is a deliciously drinkable and wonderfully affordable California red.

Located in Northern California between Sacramento and Stockton, the wine region of Lodi has emerged in recent years as a terrific source for quality wine without correspondingly high prices. This region has a long history of wine production and was officially granted AVA status in 1986, which led to a surge of vineyard plantings in the 1990's. This bottling, crafted by Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery using Cabernet Sauvignon sourced completely from Lodi, is a great example of why wines from this region have grown in popularity across the USA. This stuff is fruity and friendly, exhibiting proper typicity with energetic and agreeable structure. While not the most complex or extracted example of Cab Sauv this does a great job of delivering a clean, unmanipulated, and quality drinking experience. This is exactly the style of authentic and affordable wine we'd love to see a lot more of.