2015 Szekszárd Kékfrankos - Takler Winery

Takler- Kekfrankos.jpg

Dirty strawberry, dried rosemary, tart red cherry. Wild lingonberry, tilled soil, red delicious apple. Paprika and fresh red pepper, iron and worn in leather. An interesting ensemble of crunchy foraged berry fruit featuring cranberry, huckleberry, and currant - still dusty and dirty from harvest - pops with lively color. Cherry tomato and bougainvillea add a springtime gleam before being overcome by dried leaves and savory herbs. Raw, rustic, and deliciously juicy, with light tannin and medium acidity behind a medium bodied frame. This 2015 Szekszárd Kékfrankos by Takler Winery is a wonderfully crunchy and crushable esoteric red from Southern Hungary.

Kékfrankos, or Blaufränkish as it is more commonly known, is a unique red wine grape likely native to the continental plains of Austria and Hungary. It is commonly grown throughout central and eastern Europe and is produced in a variety of styles. Its profile has been compared to that of Pinot Noir and Gamay in that it often produces lean yet aromatically complex wine, yet it also has the potential for greater concentration when farmed accordingly. This bottling, crafted by Takler Winery using Kékfrankos grown in the Szekszárd region in Hungary, is a terrific varietal example of this somewhat obscure grape. It expresses beautifully delicate and tart organic fruit along with characterful soil and savory tones. It is well balanced and energetic with enough subtlety to pair excellently with food. This is a tremendously fun bottle of wine that can still be had for an extremely affordable price, and is certainly worth tracking down. Available in the USA thanks to PB Importers.