2017 El Dorado Grenache Blanc - Skinner Vineyards

Ripe peach, honeysuckle, lemon reduction. Juicy papaya, chopped chives, pink lady apple. Fresh mango and passionfruit, mint leaf and mangrove. A pronounced nose of tropical fruit & dripping pear dances around cool granite pebbles & a hint of fresh greens. Wonderfully perfumed with a distinct stoney texture. This 2017 El Dorado Grenache Blanc by Skinner Vineyards is a delectable wine with an awesome backstory.

James Skinner was a Scottish immigrant who struck it rich in the California gold rush of the 1850's, and he used his earnings to buy land at the base of the Sierra Foothills. He built a ranch on this land and would go on to plant vineyards and eventually start a winery. He dubbed it J. Skinner Native Wine and Brandy Co. and it grew to become one of the largest commercial wineries in the state. As with most 19th century California wineries it eventually closed and faded into history, but by a streak of chance it has been reborn as Skinner Vineyards. When James' great, great, great grandson Mike Skinner & his wife Carey accidentally stumbled upon the township of Skinner and learned of their family's history in the region they decided it was time to lead the reimagination of an old family dream. They founded Skinner Vineyards and since 2006 have been producing high-quality wine from their old family stomping grounds. While this wine is certainly expertly crafted and wonderful in it's own right, it is the story behind its creation that adds an intangible mystique to its enjoyment. 

Skinner Grenache Blanc.jpg