2017 Waipara Valley Sauvignon Blanc - Sherwood Estate Wines

Sherwood Sauvy B.jpg

Orange peel, spring flowers, juicy grapefruit. Peeled green apple, chopped chives, lemon-lime zest. Iceberg wedge and mowed lawn, crushed gravel and walnut shell. High acid and mineral to the bone. A fresh grassy citrus explosion barely contained within shiny stainless steel. Forget Sprite, this 2017 Waipara Valley Sauvignon Blanc by Sherwood Estate Wines will make you say "Ahhh".

The New Zealand wine industry made its name internationally on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc - but wait, this stuff is from Waipara Valley! Located almost 200 miles south of Marlborough, Waipara produces wines that are similar to its famous northern neighbor yet distinctively unique. Slightly fuller bodied and a bit rounder with equally piercing acidity and an intense gooseberry & citrus tinge, this Waipara Valley Sauv Blanc is a nice change from the linear grapefruity zing of Marlborough. Sherwood Estate Wines does a great job here of making a complex, expansive, introspective wine that is also completely refreshing. There might not be a better value white for the money than Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, but don’t be afraid to adventure outside of Marlborough.