2017 Coyote Rock Block Carbonic Carignan - Sans Wine Company

Wild blueberry, fresh violet, black cherry. Acai berry, palm fran, mission fig. Overgrown bramble and sage, dry rocks and gravely minerals. Fresh & juicy yet dusty & serious with prominent structure and a bit of acidic bite. Beaujolais meets up with Languedoc to rage at Coachella weekend one. This 2017 Coyote Rock Block Carbonic Carignan by Sans Wine Company is everything canned wine should aspire to be.

Putting wine in a can does not inherently mean that it should taste bad, but for some reason most of it totally sucks. Thankfully Sans Wine Co. stepped in here to bring life to an otherwise utterly worthless genre. Crafted from 100% single vineyard old vine dry farmed Carignan, this stuff is tremendously interesting and worthy of attention. It is tense, bright, earthy, and wild. Sans took fruit from vines planted in 1943 and gave it the Carbonic Maceration treatment à la Beaujolais to create a wine that stands up regardless of whether it is packaged in glass or aluminum. As avid travelers we realize there is a distinct advantage to durable recyclable packaging, and we give major props to Sans for finally coming through with something remarkable that isn't breakable. If you are camping, hiking, going to Coachella, or just sipping in the yard, you need to give this stuff some serious consideration.

Sans Carignan.jpg