2016 Estate Syrah - Rideau Vineyard


Wild boysenberry, white sage, fresh fig. Juicy blackberry, concentrated violet, bruised strawberry. Crushed rosemary and dried lavender, charcoal smoke and roasted brisket. Cherry mash and medjool date explode with lean yet concentrated intensity, seemingly fruity and dense yet completely outmatched by remarkably pronounced herbal garrigue. Seasoned wood, tarragon, and cumin complement more delicious savory spice as slow cooked meat and gristle continue to bolster complexity. Chaparral and gritty sandy loam ring in further earthy depth, overall remaining juicy and fresh despite considerable power and concentration. Full bodied with soft integrated tannin and wonderful acidity. This 2016 Estate Syrah by Rideau Vineyard is a remarkably impressive and tremendously compelling Rhone red from Santa Barbara.

In its purest form Syrah is a grape that expresses a distinctly meaty, peppery, and complex herbal character, yet in California it is often manipulated into wines that express jammy fruit-driven simplicity. This bottling, crafted by Rideau Vineyard using Syrah from their estate in the Los Olivos District of Santa Barbara County, is an excellent example of this variety in its truest and most authentic form. While certainly containing plenty of ripe California fruit this wine's focus remains extraordinarily savory and spiced, driving towards unique expression of earth and meaty notes that harken back to Syrah's old world roots. It is neither over-manipulated nor over-oaked and instead projects transparency and a lively edge that is both serious and completely delicious. This is a wine that showcases gorgeous terroir, varietal character, and unobtrusive winemaking, and has truly been a complete joy to experience