2017 Infusion Pinot Noir - Prophet’s Rock

Fresh strawberry, dry hops, pomegranate juice. Sour cherry, cucumber slices, lime wedge. Cranberry cocktail and red carnations, a touch of brett and peanut shell. Juicy tart fruit covered in dust and dirt. Funky wild yeast sets the tone with notes of cigarette and barley. Radiant red neon lights shine down on a vodka cranberry with lime sipped in a characterful local dive. This 2017 Infusion Pinot Noir by Prophet's Rock is as interesting take on New Zealand Pinot.

Fresh, juicy, low tannin red wines are rapidly gaining in popularity as they are friendly and pair wonderfully with food. This bottling by Prophet's Rock takes typically serious Central Otago Pinot Noir and crafts it in a style more reminiscent of Beaujolais than Burgundy. It was made by removing the fruit's skins before allowing natural native yeast fermentation, followed by extending aging on the lees and the blocking of malolactic fermentation. This stuff is tart, zingy, funky, and succulent and is unlike any Pinot we've tried. Not fully a red wine but not quite rosé this stuff is unique in all the right ways. While it is definitely interesting to taste the luminous highlighter red color adds another dimension to its mystery. If you're looking for something different and aren't afraid to get a little weird then this stuff makes for an awesome sipping experience.

Prophets rock Infusion.jpg