2017 Sauvignon Blanc - Penns Woods Winery

PennWoods Sauvignon Blanc.jpg

Grapefruit juice, elderflower, pungent gooseberry. Lime peel, river stones, crunchy white nectarine. Sourgrass and mint leaf, lemon blossom and morning dew. Green apple and citrus zest lead a pronounced boom of intensely tart and tangy fruit that pulses with extraordinary crispness and focus. Tall grass and raw asparagus emerge to add a wonderful pyrazinic edge complimented by biting florals and a tinge of shaved ginger. Light minerality and delicate salinity underlie the fresh and zingy attack providing additional complexity and dimension. Light bodied and lean with zippy acidity and a distinct overall sense of cool climate freshness. This 2017 Sauvignon Blanc by Penns Woods Winery is a remarkably impressive, balanced, and delicious white from Pennsylvania.

In cooler climates Sauvignon Blanc has the potential to produce wines with highly pungent aromatics and nearly unrivaled intensity. This bottling, crafted by Penns Woods Winery using Sauvignon Blanc sourced from Pennsylvania, shows that this noble French grape has surprisingly tremendous promise on the east coast of the USA. This wine is nicely lean and quite Loire-like in style, showcasing piercingly tart yet bright and refreshing fruit that melds effortlessly with pleasant greenness and mineral tones. It is impressively focused and balanced, clearly reflecting exceptional quality and well-executed winemaking despite coming from a somewhat unexpected region. This is an unanticipated yet wonderful discovery from a state that is quietly producing exceptional wine.