2016 Willow Creek District Lagrein - Pelletiere Estate Vineyard & Winery

Bruised strawberry, dry earth, dark cherry filling. Pomegranate reduction, desert blossom, black raspberry compote. Crushed limestone and rock salt, petrichor and coffee grounds. Uncommonly dense yet simultaneously lean & tart, exhibiting fruit ranging from baked cranberry to fresh plum flashing like fireworks as manzanita and desert shrubs overtake hot concrete. Cinnamon and prickly pear converge with dried sweat in a multidimensional and unconventional attack. Full bodied yet fresh combining bold tannin and high acidity into a teeth staining but juicy & lean package. Intensely structured yet imminently drinkable and extremely fun. This 2016 Willow Creek District Lagrein by Pelletiere Estate Winery is a brilliant esoteric enigma from Paso Robles.

Lagrein is a rare grape variety you are not likely to see on many restaurant wine lists. Originally native to northern Italy, this unique grape produces extremely interesting wine that can be a juxtaposition of raw power and fresh drinkability. Its unique character traits have earned it some popularity outside of Italy in recent years and it is appearing more frequently around California's central coast. This bottling, crafted by Pelletiere Estate Winery using 100% Lagrein from their estate vineyard in West Paso Robles, is a gorgeous example of what this grape can do. At first glance this comes off as rich and saturated in the glass, but its viscous opaqueness is not indicative of what it actually tastes like. This wine brushes the palate with remarkable freshness despite its audacious tannin profile. This is a well made and creatively executed wine that is hard not to completely adore. Excellent work by winemaker Amy Butler and the Pelletiere team.

Pelletiere Estate - Lagrein.jpg