2012 Paredon Vineyard Syrah - Produced by Carr Winery 

Fresh fig, bruised cherry, whole black olive. Blueberry mash, warm au jus, blooming lilac. Slow roasted beef brisket with a blackberry glaze cooked over slightly damp alderwood, seasoned with a mix of provencal herbs. Showing some age and throwing tons of sediment, but still very well alive to provide plenty more years of enjoyment. This 2012 Paredon Vineyard Syrah produced by Carr Winery is a beautiful anomaly.

The Paredon Vineyard is one of a kind. Located on top of a 1200ft high ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the town of Carpentaria, this vineyard toes the line on where grapes can be grown in Coastal California. Thanks to its higher altitude Paredon sits just above the fog line, allowing extended sunshine for the fruit to ripen despite the ultra-cool maritime climate. Wine from this vineyard is like nothing else in the area and is deeply savory with a unique and distinct fruit profile. Vineyard owners Richard and Penny Morales put Carr Winery in charge of growing & producing wine from this site and the folks at Carr have certainly done them justice.

Paredon Syrah.jpg