2012 Temecula Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - Orange Coast Winery

OCW 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.jpg

Dehydrated blackberry, aged tobacco, dried blueberry. Black currant, wilted violet, cranberry concentrate. Nutmeg and vanilla extract, scorched earth and sandy red soil. Sun-baked dark berry fruit carefully left out to wither on an old cedar plank in a dusty barren field. Oak stave and iodine have nearly integrated into the ripe fruit and earth. Structured without oversaturation, showing signs of age but still holding true. This 2012 Temecula Valley Cabernet Sauvignon by Orange Coast Winery is well made wine from sunny Southern California.

Located in Riverside County, Temecula Valley is one of the southernmost quality winegrowing appellations in the state of California. It is also one of the warmest, with a large diurnal range thanks to the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean to the west and tall mountains to the east. Geographically Temecula is the closest major wine region to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County, and enjoys a significant influx of tourism. This bottling, crafted by Orange Coast Winery using Temecula Valley fruit, is a convincing example that this region can indeed produce high quality wine. The fruit here is ripe but leans towards a dried profile rather than typical extraction. Earthy tones have become highlighted with bottle age and serve to add complexity. This stuff is currently at its peak, although it should still drink well for a few more years.