2015 Mendocino Petite Sirah - Mia Bea Wines

Mia Bea Petite Sirah.jpg

Blackberry cobbler, dry alderwood, chocolate covered strawberry. Mashed blueberry, crème de cassis, fresh violets. Vanilla sticks and clove crushed over black plum skin and açaí. Paradoxically dense yet airy. Light and whimsical yet opaque and expansive with subtle velvety tannin. A strong hand giving a gentle caress. This 2015 Mendocino Petite Sirah by Mia Bea Wines is a delicate cool climate take on an often big & brash varietal.

Petite Sirah got its start as an accidental cross pollination of Syrah and Peloursin. Bearing the name Durif, it gained popularity as a wine grape primarily due to its disease resistance. Although its wines were long considered unremarkable, the brawny & tannic nature of Petite Sirah led to it being used as a blending varietal to add structure to grapes like Zinfandel. Single varietal bottlings are gaining traction and can be quite interesting if handled properly. This wine, produced by Mia Bea wines with fruit sourced from Barra Family Vineyards in Mendocino County California, is one of the more restrained Petite Sirahs you will find. At 13.4% alcohol it is neither heavy nor taxing to drink. If you enjoy this varietal but don't care for the big high alcohol variations that are out there, give this bottle a try.