2015 Ryan Vineyard Pinot Noir - Joseph Jewell Wines

Fresh cranberry, oyster mushroom, tart raspberry. Cherry pit, rosemary sprig, whole pomegranate. Redwoods and rose petal, anise and umami spice. Underripe strawberry and orange zest emit a fragrant yet delicate perfume aided by crushed lavender and wilted violet. Turned earth and forest floor prowl with purpose, uniting with whole black olive, soy sauce, and savory spice to combat the graceful fruit. A dense cloud of ocean fog quietly creeps into frame, eventually enveloping the entirety of the assemblage in a cool wave of clean salinity. Terrifically Burgundian, spewing expansive yet weightless dirty Pinot funk in an ethereal and enticing display. Lean and luminous with marvelous acidity backing a moderately-sized frame. This 2015 Ryan Vineyard Pinot Noir by Joseph Jewell Wines is effortlessly intellectual and strikingly complex Pinot from Humboldt County.

Humboldt County, while virtually unknown in the world of wine, might actually be one of California's best natural growing zones for Pinot Noir. Located deep in the woods of Northern California, Humboldt technically lies at the base of the Pacific Northwest and sees cooler temperatures and higher levels of rainfall than the rest of the state. Vineyards here are often planted in meager soils near dense forests, drawing comparisons to some of the best sites in Burgundy. This bottling, crafted by Joseph Jewell Wines from 100% Pinot Noir sourced from the Ryan Vineyard, proves the potential of this rural region. It is airy and bright, expressing subtle yet seductive fruit in equal parts with perfectly composed raw natural notes. Maritime influences are clearly apparent and signs of oak aging are visible but tempered. This wine is still quite young and does require some air time to spread its wings, hinting at a long life ahead of beautiful development. Extremely impressive stuff, and the sticker price is just as exciting. 

Joseph Jewell Pinot Noir Ryan Vineyard.jpg