2014 Sea View Vineyard Pinot Noir - Flowers Vineyard & Winery

Flowers Seaview Ridge Pinot.jpg

Fresh strawberry, tea leaf, bing cherry. Ripe raspberry, sea breeze, cranberry compote. Cured tobacco and basalt, stemmy allspice and cardamom. Pomegranate juice highlights a slightly candied red fruit profile undercut by savory earth tones and a hint of white mushroom. Still young and somewhat tight at this stage but high-toned fruit fights it's way forward with air. This 2014 Sea View Vineyard Pinot Noir by Flowers Vineyard & Winery is unique and delicious California Pinot from the extreme Sonoma Coast.

Joan and Walt Flowers were one of the first to dare to plant wine grapes on the far western reaches of the Sonoma coastline. Their first vineyard, dubbed Camp Meeting Ridge, was planted near Seaview barely a mile from the ocean in 1989. They would then go on to plant the Sea View Ridge vineyard in 1998. Flowers Vineyard & Winery is now one of the premier coastal producers in the region and has received tremendous critical acclaim for their single vineyard terroir driven wine. This bottling, sourced completely from the Sea View Ridge Vineyard, is a great example of the region's terroir. The fruit here remains on the red spectrum and is complimented by a unique rocky earth tone characteristic of this stretch of coastline. A small percentage of stem inclusion has added slightly spiced notes and a touch of Earl Grey. Well balanced and complete, this wine should reach its highest potential after more time in the cellar.