2018 “Eden-A-Vent” Pinot Noir - Eden Rift Vineyards

Juicy strawberry, spring violet, candy apple. Orange zest, chai spice, red gummy bear. Fresh sage and rosemary sprig, candied cranberry and fruit punch. A red cherry explosion leads an extravagant parade of high-toned fruit that bounds flamboyantly with immense energy. Light florals, stemmy spice, and a slighty wild herbal note appear but barely distract from plump and juicy fruit. Forest floor and mushroom step up to the plate but quickly go down swinging to the brilliant carbonic electricity. A pleasant bit of granite and mineral tones emerge to add depth while a subtle shaved cacao garnish complements complexity. Crunchy, expressive, and finessed; medium in body with bright acidity and moderate tannin. This 2018 "Eden-A-Vent" Pinot Noir by Eden Rift Vineyards is a unique and adventurous red that is as delicious as it is unconventional.

Popularized through the fresh, fruity, and extremely drinkable wines of Beaujolais, carbonic maceration is a distinct winemaking technique that limits extraction and maximizes a wine's expressive youthful flavors. This bottling, crafted by Eden Rift Vineyards using Pinot Noir sourced from their estate vineyard in California's La Cienega Valley and processed using carbonic maceration, is a brilliant ode to one of France's most delectable wine styles. This wine is dripping with succulent and extraordinarily flavorful fruit yet manages to remain impressively light, lean, and refreshing. Its clever "Eden-A-Vent" moniker pays tribute to the Cru Beaujolais village of Moulin-A-Vent, which is considered by many to produce some of the greatest and most concentrated wines in the region, and it certainly lives up to that fine standard. This is a spectacular summer red that retains enough structure to pair with an endless spectrum of food. Delicious. 

Eden Rift 2018 Pinot Noir.jpg