2018 Cotes de Provence - Coeur Clémentine

Coeur Clementine.jpg

White strawberry, crushed granite, underripe peach. Watermelon rind, smooth flint, orange pith. Rose water and wild lavender, hibiscus petal and jicama. Highly mineral earth and gravely tones dominate the initial approach; dry, focused, and intense yet leaving just enough room for tart chalky fruit to emerge. White nectarine, frozen raspberry, and unwashed pink lady apple skin pop into frame momentarily aided by a surprising and pleasant boost from cherry blossom perfume. Wafts of young rosemary and even wintermint appear but subside again behind the deliciously dominating and imposing earth. Zippy, energetic, and complex with high acidity pulsing through a lean yet concentrated medium bodied frame. This 2018 Cotes de Provence by Coeur Clémentine is an exciting and serious wine from the rosé capital of the world.

Located in the southeastern corner of France directly abutting the Mediterranean Sea, Provence is a unique warm climate winegrowing region that produces almost entirely rosé. Stylistically the rosés of Provence are typically pale in color and bone dry with a focus on minerality and subtlety in lieu of ripe fruit. This bottle, crafted by Coeur Clémentine using a Cinsault led blend sourced from within the Cotes de Provence appellation, is a tremendous example of this distinct style. It possesses the refreshing minerality and nervy electricity characteristic of the region along with an extra layer of depth and complexity not often associated with most rosé. This is an impressive wine that is as contemplative as it is crushable and has clearly been shaped with a high level of intentionality. Delicious.