2015 Unfamiliar Truth Napa Valley Grenache - Chiron Wines

Chiron Unfamiliar Truth.jpg

Fresh raspberry, spring briar, juicy boysenberry. Candy apple, white sage, tart blueberry. Graham cracker and red cedar, crushed rosemary and poplar. Bright and beautiful fruit pops immediately, presenting red plum and rhubarb filling in an amalgamation of ripeness and tartness. Blue orchids spill out lush floral notes above wet bramble and spice, as a dusting of nutmeg and vanilla powder softens earthy tones of iron and polished brass. Surprisingly aromatic - gushing remarkable flavor concentration despite its relatively lightweight frame. This 2015 Unfamiliar Truth Napa Valley Grenache by Chiron Wines is complex, multidimensional, and impressive.

Everyone knows Napa Valley produces some of the world's best Cabernet Sauvignon, but this famed valley is capable of growing a great deal more than just high-quality Bordeaux grapes. This bottling, crafted by Chiron Wines using 100% Napa Valley Grenache, presents this "Unfamiliar Truth" with style and refinement. This wine is bright, energetic, and even ethereal, clocking in at medium plus on the body/tannin/acid scales. It is terroir driven and fresh, showing off surprising structure and verve. The stylistic direction here is quite unique, and despite all of its wonderful peculiarities this wine remains distinguishably Napa. Winemaker Bobby Moy and the Chiron team have created a gem here and we hope to see more stuff like this popping up in the future.