2016 Estelle Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon - Bolshoi Family Wines

Bolshoi Cab Sauv.jpg

Blackberry reduction, eucalyptus leaf, créme de cassis. Blueberry puree, dark chocolate drizzle, black licorice. Damp tobacco and cedar, shaved vanilla bean and toasted mocha. A perfumed violet and dry lavender bouquet frames mouthcoatingly rich cocoa powder tannin. Unctuous and extracted but sitting at a mere 13.8% ABV with pronounced acidity. This 2016 Estelle Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon by Bolshoi Family Wines is a delicious product of Santa Barbara's recent Bordeaux boom.

Adrian Bolshoi is the assistant winemaker at Montemar Wines in Santa Barbara County California. A native of the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe, Adrian grew up in a culture that revered wine and he began assisting with its production at a young age. He moved to Santa Barbara in 2011 to further hone his talents. In 2016 after a push from his boss and help from his wife Lydia Adrian started Bolshoi Family Wines. This bottling, sourced from the Estelle Vineyard in the Los Olivos District of Santa Barbara, is a remarkable achievement. Despite being from the very first vintage Bolshoi Family Wines has ever produced this Cabernet Sauvignon rivals the best in the region. It possesses serious structure & sophistication behind gobs of dark juicy hedonistic fruit. Santa Barbara Cab Sauv is here to stay and Bolshoi is making a darn good one.